testing typography styles

Jun 24, 2017
3 minutes to read

Every now and then, a blog will come across a need to quote someone or maybe display a code snippet or two. Markdown, being the solid fella that it is, takes care of generating the markup for us. But it’s up to us to also carry that semantic meaning over to the end user through visual means.

Since I lack content for the blog at this day and age, I thought, instead of creating a temporary filler site, styling the elements, and then deleting it, I’d leave the elements and their evolution of styles here for future reference in the form of a blog post.

So let’s run through some rudimentary elements essential for a half-decent blog!

Edit This also turned out to be very useful whilst refactoring this site from Metalsmith to Vuepress (and I’d imagine likewise for a future style makeover).

Edit 2019 …and when migrating from Vuepress to Saber

Edit 2023 …and when migrating from Saber to Astro

We’ll start off with some headings

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4

And a content link style with sexy underlines - Gargoyle Gigglypuff jamming it out

  1. And an ordered
  2. List with
  3. Some numbers

A default line separator, which I like using a little too often

Now let’s quote someone with questionable views:

Normality is a waste of potential.

— Me

Then some default text styles (content by the ever-amusing hipsum):

Edison bulb godard craft beer, leggings keytar organic XOXO disrupt irony hell of. Yuccie fam glossier, yr health goth la croix four dollar toast swag 3 wolf moon aesthetic waistcoat prism leggings tattooed. Farm-to-table pug listicle scenester blue bottle hashtag. Wayfarers food truck blue bottle celiac leggings. Pug waistcoat polaroid fingerstache messenger bag flannel tumeric migas pinterest salvia. Artisan ugh health goth unicorn keffiyeh pabst direct trade. Master cleanse coloring book meditation tbh fashion axe activated charcoal, shaman migas aesthetic gastropub health goth.

Swag occupy affogato flexitarian, locavore actually plaid cloud bread street art art party cardigan health goth. +1 mustache paleo tofu knausgaard neutra. Gluten-free hashtag umami, helvetica tilde meditation direct trade hot chicken tbh forage artisan. Tote bag helvetica quinoa vexillologist, blog air plant etsy asymmetrical la croix stumptown art party.

And now some code blocks:

const pi = 'I never remembered it 😶'

We can even have them

<h2>with <u>different</u> syntaxes</h2>
body {
  /* Someone's going to jail for this */
  display: none !important;

Also inline code <kbd> examples need some love!

Down the road, we’ll add syntax highlighting with PrismJS to Metalsmith. (covered by migrating to Vuepress Saber Astro)