I’m not much of a talker, but let me rant about myself for a bit. You can skip ahead to:

My full curriculum vitae can be viewed here.


I’m an aspiring full-stack developer (with a front-ended tilt). I’m interested in all kinds of visual communication, but my major focus is on designing web applications & interfaces. I love (and preach) all things JavaScript, semantic HTML, the power of CSS & progressive enhancement. Lately I’ve really enjoyed tinkering with:

I work great with designers (challenging their perspective on things), other devs & less-techy folk (pretty sure that’s the technical term for it).

I’ve also dabbled in other fields (and hope to perfect them in the future), like:


Being a self-claimed autodidact, I consider myself a proud drop out. Instead of going the standard university route (BSc, MSc, internships, etc.), I pivoted and spent my time tinkering on small private projects, reading books & articles and listening to podcasts.

My biggest educational growth though came from the first few months at my first job and I believe my hunger for knowledge has sky-rocketed ever since. I also love meetups and conferences (…it’s the free stickers) and have talked at a few.

If you care about the more official part of this, here’s a rundown:

favourite learning resources:


News/article feeds


I like fiddling small components and scripts on codepen, jsfiddle, gist and on my Arduino.

* Unfortunately, I can’t show most of my past work on here for legal reasons. It’s good stuff though.

I started out creating websites for neighbours and small companies, which really sparked a passion. Here’s what I’ve been up to since:


Technical lead

April 2022

Grew our front-end team from 1 (me) to 9. Helped set up Shaping and organised hackathons, product initiatives and shaped the engineering team culture.

Product engineer

July 2018 - April 2022

Klaus is a SaaS product that lets customer support agents conduct conversation reviews. Besides the main app, I also wrote and manage Klaus’ browser extensions, a Zendesk app and a couple of other small widgets. I advocate open-source, best practises, progressive enhancement and security to the best of my abilities and try to integrate them into the developer culture that we are still shaping.


Technical consultant @ Bigbank

July 2018 – June 2019

Front-end developer

July 2015 – July 2018

I started out supporting an in-house Wordpress theme, helping marketers create pages with a page builder. Worked with the design team to unify the corporate visuals across multiple countries and platforms (also implemented a pattern library). I then shifted bit more towards Node’s full-stack world and worked with microservices and the Wordpress REST API to render its contents as a separate Vue application. I’ve learned heaps about virtualisation, dockerisation, CI & CD, security, authentication, and too much about front-end itself to even list.
My last product in the company was a Vue-based component library, coupled with an in-house Express middleware and some internal vue-cli@3 plugins to help developers quickly spin up new applications & product instances.

Saue high school

Programming teacher

Autumn 2015 – Spring 2016

My job was to give my students a basic understanding of the principles of programming, whilst keeping it a fun learning experience. I teach Python mostly through games and active user input, so their first experience with programming wouldn’t be stale.


Started 2014

Programming has long been an interest of mine. Having also a soft spot for the artsy side in me—front-end development seemed like an excellent field to start gaining some experience.

In my free time I enjoy working on my motorcycle, disc golfing, learning BJJ & Blender, bouldering… and starring GitHub repos ⭐.