welcome, welcome.

Disclaimer This site is still in early stages of getting set up. Forgive any typos and stupid humour you might find (one of those might improve over time).

Ahem. I see you've managed to find my secret lair... I bet the impeccable SEO helped.

It's alright to have a look around, but don't touch anything!
I kid, I kid... I've set up a blogish thing so you wouldn't get bored and some geeky stats about the site's visitors and performance metrics.

This site's main purpose is to act as my personal playground for different web technologies.

Since the site's styles make use of CSS Custom Properties where possible, I'm hoping to add theming soon as well. Later I'd like you to have the control over them, saving them with localStorage or IndexedDB for your next visit.

You can have a look at this site's roadmap in the repo's readme file.

If you're looking to get in touch, just reach out to me on linkedIn or via e-mail.