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published on the 3rd of Sep, 2017

I feel like this is the must-have first post for every/any developer who's managed to set up a blog with a static-site generator, only I'm 5 years late to the party and I forgot to feed my rabbit. 🥕

Rundown of what you'll get once I manage to finish this draft:

  • What's the haps with static site generators (SSGs)
  • Metalsmith (and why I prefer it)
  • The awesome-sauce that is Netlify
  • Building a JAM stack (this site really isn't one, but we'll talk a bit about what a JAM stack is)
  • Stuff other similar posts don't usually mention
    • service workers and are they worth on a static site?
    • generating a sitemap, RSS feed and other tidbits
    • Adding a CMS (Netlify-CMS)
    • etc.

Other interesting findings/credits(?).

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