giving this another go

Oct 6, 2019
1 minute to read

Taking a chapter from the book of Max Böck, I’ve decided (yet again; this time after a 2 year break) to give this whole writing show another go (maybe it’ll go easier with rhyming involved).

I feel I’ll need something more than mere promises this time around, though, if I am to make this habit stick. Therefore, I’m starting off with a series.

I’ve agreed to give my first public talk at the end of November (in just 2 months!) and think this’ll be an excellent journey to document. You’ll find more details about the talk and what the series will be about in the next post (🤞 that we’ll get to it).

Another strategy that I’ll try is to keep these posts (at least initially) very short & casual. They’ll be quick recaps about some interesting code snippets I’ve put aside this week or general ponderings about the wonderful work life as a developer.

I’ll see you all next time.