open your mouth - part Ⅰ

Oct 26, 2019
2 minutes to read

Note This post is rather a prologue than a first part to the series. Feel free to skip to the next post (Topic) if some backstory and ranting doesn’t interest you.

To put it mildly, public speaking has always frightened me. From my throat drying up when addressing multiple people to turning into a ripe tomato when answering a question in front of the whole class - it’s never been something to come naturally to me. But, as with all things in life, you adapt.

I learned through Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu a while ago that there’s a whole new world of learning that is unlocked through the process of sharing and teaching. Being quite addicted to knowledge and improving myself, I set out to explore different channels to share what little I know.

I’m far from being a grand public speaker, so this series will not be a guide or a suggestion list of any kind. I simply wish to document my journey. My only suggestion (which has worked for me) for improvement is:

Set yourself up for any type of presentation (even if they’re weekly demos to your team/company)—there’s a lot of carryover!

So – in my previous post I set out to resurrect this measly blog and make it worthy of the word. In that post, I said we’d start off with a series. At the time of writing that post, I also promised to give a public talk at a local developer meetup at Pipedrive.

Sadly, shortly after, I was informed that the meetup will not be happening (at least this year). They made no hard promises, but did say there is hope that the meetup would happen in Q1/Q2 next year - so let us prepare nonetheless!

I’ll see you all next time, as we go through choosing a topic.