shopify – embed navigation menu

Feb 23, 2024
2 minutes to read

Couple of things bundled together in this one. I needed to present users with a way to quickly navigate between the product categories (different collections).

As I already had them defined in the main navigation & I didn’t want to manually keep the two menus in sync, I figured I could just grab the links/structure from the main nav.

However, when wanting to pipe linklists.main-menu.links through the | json filter to see its output, I was met with:

{"error":"json not allowed for this object"}

Turns out JSON is not a universal utility/transformer and your filterable object must have it defined as a method. LinkList children do not have such a method available 😑

But… you can either target your specific menu structure directly with indexes or loop through all of the main menu’s children and then pick out the specific link you need, for example based on the handle or the url. As my product categories were quite a few levels deep and I do not expect the overall nav hierarchy to change anytime soon, I went with the indexed access.

{% for link in linklists.main-menu.links[0].links[1].links %}

Now before we continue, I must warn you that there’s a little bit of ugly HTML hacking incoming. Still here? Well anyway… you could create your own dropdown and have a JS listening to its value change, etc. But I just slapped together a select element with an onchange listener (you already know I like simplistic solutions like this). This allows the user to hop to the next page whenever they select a new value from the dropdown:

<select onchange="location = this.value" style="font-size:1.6rem;margin-left:-2rem;">
  {% for link in linklists.header-menu.links[0].links[1].links %}
    {% if link.url contains collection.handle %}
    <option selected="selected" value="{{ link.url }}">{{ link.title }}</option>
    {% else %}
    <option value="{{ link.url }}">{{ link.title }}</option>
    {% endif %}
  {% endfor %}

And that’s it! You now have a dropdown menu with product category links.